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Endurance Bio Barrier - Mold Prevention Product with 25 Year Guarantee

Endurance BioBarrier formulas are water-based coatings that have been laboratory and military tested and proven to inhibit the growth of molds, mildew, and biological odors on the film of the treated surfaces. The perfect mold and odor prevention solution for home, auto, school, marine, manufacturing and industrial environments. Effective on both wet and dry surfaces. This liquid may be applied to virtually any surface or substrate.

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Endurance Clean & Prep - Mold Removal with Mold Inhibitor and Guarantee

This Cleaner is specially formulated for use with Endurance BioBarrier ™ long-lasting inhibiting coatings.

  • Low foaming
  • Removes dirt and grease without residue
  • Rinses clean with minimal water use for all interior and exterior surfaces

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