Tip 1:
Clean and dry everything!

Use EBB Cleaner Prep or another non-toxic, bleach-free cleaning solution of your choice to wipe down and clean your boat. Make sure to clean and dry the head, walls, sinks, shower, and galley kitchen counters.

Tip 2:
Open doors and drawers!

Promote air circulation by leaving all of your doors, drawers, and any lockers open. If you plan to cover your boat with a tarp, hang a few boat bumpers (fenders) between the tarp and the hull to create some ventilation.

Tip 3:
Store paper in air-tight bags!

Put maps, charts, books, and any other paper item in air-tight bags to eliminate that source of food for mold. If you will not be sealing your paper items in air-tight storage they should be removed from your boat.

Tip 4:
Freshwater rinse your sails!

Wash your sails with freshwater because salt from saltwater will attract moisture and mold to your sails.

Make sure sails are completely dry before stowing them, and air them out periodically.

Tip 5:
Take proper care of your boat during long-term storage!

If you will be storing your boat for a long period of time, remove cushions, bedding, and flotation devices. Remove clothes, towels, and swimgear from enclosed areas and launder them.

Tip 6:
Line up your vents with the direction of the wind!

Turning your boat so that the vents are in line with the direction of the wind will greatly improve airflow. Fresh air in the cabin and the rest of the boat will displace moist air and prevent mold growth.

Tip 7:
Purchase a moisture absorber!

Perhaps the most troublesome reason for mold and mildew growth on boats is the inability to remove moisture and keep humidity levels low. Purchase a high-capacity moisture absorber from your local hardware store to keep your boat dry and keep away mold.

Tip 8:
Apply Endurance BioBarrier!

Although the previous steps are all good preventative steps, none of them can give you the mold prevention assurance that Endurance BioBarrier can.

Our professional formula is guaranteed to last for up to 25 years in certain conditions, and is completely non-toxic and VOC free. Enjoy the fresh smell of you boat for years and never worry about mold or mildew again!