Tip 1:
Dry clothes promptly!

Damp clothes can produce mold on themselves and on anything they touch. By doing your laundry regularly you will cut down on the chances of mold growth.

Tip 2:
Clean out dryer lint!

Remove lint from your dryer filter after each cycle to keep it operating properly and safely. Lint can also build-up in the dryer hose, or around the outside vent. If you ever notice a musty smell in your dryer, clean the hose and outdoor vent thoroughly.

Tip 3:
Apply Endurance BioBarrier!

If you live in a high humidity climate or your laundry room is poorly ventilated, Endurance BioBarrier should definitely be used. EBB will eliminate moisture and protect your surfaces from mold and mildew.

Tip 4:
Check for leaks!

Water connections to the washing machine should be inspected periodically for leaks. Use a dry cloth to wipe around each connection to feel for moisture or dampness.

Water leaks can cause your walls to bubble or ripple and usually cause mold to grow in the insulation or on the drywall.

Tip 5:
Leave your washing machine door open!

This will allow air to circulate in the machine and release the trapped moisture. If you have young children, lock the door to the laundry room.

Tip 6:
Clean your washer!

Wipe the door gasket and glass if you own a front-loading washer. Clean the detergent dispenser and other attachments once a month.