Tip 1:
Periodically check for leaks!

Mold is commonly found under sinks due to small unnoticed leaks. If mold is growing you will oftentimes smell a musty odor.

Apply Endurance BioBarrier under your sinks to give you peace of mind. Even if leaks occur, mold will not grow between your inspections.

Tip 2:
Improve ventilation!

Mold in or around your tub is the most common type of mold issue people face. Simple actions such as opening your window, running your ceiling vent, or even keeping the bathroom door open will significantly reduce your probability for bathroom mold.

Tip 3:
Replace drywall with cement boards!

The tile around your shower and tub should not be placed directly on drywall. Mold will eventually grow behind the tile and use the drywall as a food source.

Placing tiles on a cement board removes the food source and further protects your bathroom.

If you ever remodel or update your home, you should seriously consider applying Endurance BioBarrier! Sometimes mold can be smelled but never found; this is because it is growing in the walls!

Tip 4:
Maintain caulking!

When caulking is neglected and cracks result in the mortar between the tiles, moisture seeps into the walls. As stated previously, a cement board should be directly behind tiles. However, if enough moisture gets behind the tiles it will seep into other areas which can be even more devastating and costly to clean up.

Tip 5:
Open your blinds and curtains!

Mold loves to grow in dark spaces. Allowing sunlight in your bathroom during the day will reduce the probability of mold growing!

Tip 6:
Replace your toilet!

If your toilet ever overflows, for whatever reason, clean up the mess immediately. Water can slip into places you will never reach.

If the flooding bathroom is upstairs, mold damage can become extremely bad. The moisture can cause mold to grow on the ceiling of the first floor, in the walls, and under the toilet.

It is worth the investment to purchase a new, reliable toilet, if you have this concern.