Tip 1:
Clean away debris!

Wet leaves and other debris can cause mold to grow. Not only are they a source of food for biological growth, they also provide shade from the sun which hinders mold.

Add moisture from rain, pipes, morning dew, etc. and mold is likely to accumulate. Keep debris off of your home and away from your foundation as much as possible.

Tip 2:
Repair leaky faucets!

Make sure the spouts around the exterior of your home do not drip. This dripping can lead to mold growth on your siding, cement, or even in your basement due to water seepage.

Tip 3:
Trim back overhanging trees!

Trees that overhang onto your home can cause moss and mold to grow on your roof, greatly reducing it's longevity. Keep them trimmed regularly to protect your roof and your attic as well.

If pruning and trimming is difficult or requires a lot of work, rely on Endurance BioBarrier to make your job easier. EBB will protect your home for at least six months and can last up to 25 years!

Tip 4:
Clear your gutters!

Clean away leaves and twigs to make sure water flows smoothly and is uninhibited. When gutters become blocked, your roof may begin to leak and facilitate mold growth.

Gutters should also discharge water six feet away from your foundation.

Tip 5:
Protect your siding and fences!

Mold commonly grows on wood fencing, gates, or siding if they tend to be shaded for most of the day. One option to help prevent mold is to trim plants back and allow more sunlight to reach these areas.

Another option is to eliminate moisture from these locations. Make sure water from sprinklers, pipes, drains, and faucets do not reach these areas.

The best recommendation in these circumstances is to apply Endurance BioBarrier over the shaded surfaces. EBB prevents mold and mildew regardless of conditions and location. Use Endurance on your fences, foundation, siding, walkways, pipes, and any other place to proactively prevent mold!

Tip 6:
Maintain your deck!

Sweep your deck regularly to remove loose mold spores, food, pollen and dirt to help keep your deck free of mold. It is also a good idea to use a strong sprayer to power wash your deck from time to time.

If you are going to build or rebuild your deck, give it 1/8 inch of slope for every 8 feet of deck to ensure proper drainage away from your home. Decks should be made of composite material that have mold inhibitors in their construction because mold thrives on natural wood.

If you own or build a wood deck, protect and seal it with Endurance BioBarrier or risk deterioration, mold, and mildew.

Tip 7:
Take care of your grill!

We know that feeling, when you are excited to fire up the grill for the first BBQ of the summer and you see that mold infested your entire grill.

To prevent mold from ruining your grill and your guests' appetites, clean your grill thoroughly after every use. Make sure that no food is left on the grates or slips below with the flames.

Prevent water from touching your grill by rain, sprinklers, or humidity. We encourage you to purchase a grill cover especially if you live in a humid climate.