Tip 1:
Wash and clean reusable water bottles!

Mold and bacteria love to grow in small, dark, and moist environments. Regularly clean, not just rinse, your bottle to ensure that you are not ingesting unclean water. When not in use, empty the bottle and leave the lid ajar.

Be especially mindful of cleanliness if filling the bottle with something other than water--such as juice or a sports drink--because mold will colonize more quickly.

Tip 2:
Clean up water leaks and spills right away!

It is unlikely for mold or mildew to grow if the wet area or damp materials are dried within 24 hours. If you have experienced a flood, remove water-damaged carpeting, furniture, and bedding if they cannot dry completely.

Tip 3:
Vacuum and clean regularly!

By cleaning and vacuuming often, you remove sources of food for mold growth. Specifically take care of areas likely to come in contact with moisture.

Tip 4:
Place plants and gardens a good distance away from your house.

Watering plants may cause water to flow toward your home. Make sure sprinklers aim away from your house or do not reach the foundation.

Tip 5:
Simply open your windows!

When engaging in activities that create moisture or water pooling, open your windows to provide an exit and reduce trapped moisture. In humid environments, use air conditioning units, exhaust fans, and dehumidifiers to eliminate moisture.

Do not open the window if it is raining or humid as more moisture will be allowed into your home than would escape.

Tip 6:
Dry washed clothes and hang up towels!

Regardless of how silly it may sound, do not leave wet clothes in your washing machine. Mold will quickly grow and spread in that environment.

Either dry clothes right away in your dryer, or hang dry them outdoors. Avoid indoor hang drying because moisture from the clothes will evaporate and raise the humidity level in your home.

After bathing, let your towels hang dry rather than tossing them on the ground or in a hamper.

Tip 7:
Use area rugs or washable floor surfaces.

Some areas of your home are more susceptible to mold and mildew because of moisture. Place area rugs in these locations rather than wall to wall carpeting. Be sure to clean and launder them from time to time.

Tip 8:
Monitor indoor humidity!

It is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency to keep indoor humidity between 30 and 60 percent. For an accurate reading of humidity levels, purchase a moisture meter from your local hardware store.

If you notice condensation on pipes, windows, or walls, your humidity level is too high. Dry the moist surface promptly and search for the source.

Tip 9:
Keep mold off of household plants!

Indoor plants provide the perfect breeding ground for mold - despite their air purifying benefits. The moisture in the soil can facilitate mold growth, which can spread to other areas of your home.

Rather than getting rid of your plants, try placing a layer of drainage stone in each plant pot. This will keep your plants healthy and minimize the possibility of mold growth. Periodically check the condition of your plants' leaves. If mold or flaky mildew does latch on, wipe the leaves with a damp paper towel until clean.

Endurance BioBarrier is safe for people, pets, and plants; if your plants are a breeding ground for mold, put EBB to the test!

Tip 10:
Keep room temperatures warmer.

If you notice condensation frequently, keep your room temperature slightly warmer so the water vapor in the air will not cool and change into its liquid state.

Condensation forms most commonly on concrete walls, metal piping, water tanks, mirrors, and windows.

Installing insulation is a good way to keep room temperatures warmer. Insulating the surfaces themselves is also an option; covering or wrapping pipes for example.

Tip 11:
Equip your house with our mold-resistant products!

Although there are mold-inhibiting paints, sheetrock, and drywall, such products are usually quite expensive. They also require installation and replacement of your current materials.

Endurance BioBarrier will prevent mold and mildew growth on virtually any surface and does not require any renovations! Apply EBB anywhere mold has been a problem and rest assured, mold will not grow for up to 25 years depending on application locations.