October 2013 Recorded News Stories

Mold Stories in the News

Oct. 4th

Meridian Elementary School Condemned Due to Mold

Oct. 5th

Missouri State Penitentiary Discontinues Tours

Oct. 7th

Mold Found in Dorm Rooms (University of Minnesota)

Lung Infections From Fungi are up and can be Dangerous and Costly to Treat

Oct. 8th

Malibu Teachers Claim Mold and Contamination From School's Building is Giving Them Cancer

Oct. 10th

Courthouse Closing Due to Black Mold

Mold and Sewage Problems Plague Apartment in Putnam County

Alachua County Fire Station Battles Mold

Oct. 12th

Queens High School Tried to "Cover Up" Trailer Mold Problem

Oct. 13th

Cedarbrook Middle School may Close From Mold Problems

Oct. 14th

Barre Ice Arena Closed Due to Mold

Parents Voice Concerns After Test Reveals Mold Problem At Cedarbrook Middle School

Oct. 15th

Mold and Mushrooms in Medlin Hall (Lee University)

Oct. 16th

Once Mold is Gone, Starke Elementary Will Reopen

Oct. 17th

Atlanta Police Department Chief Addresses Mold, Water Damage Issues at Precincts

Health Department Investigates Mold That Sickened Man

More Mold Found in University of Louisville's Miller Hall

Oct. 18th

Project to Eradicate Mold Problem in McDowell Courthouse

Oct. 19th

Sparring With Spores: We Summer Has Led to Mold-Filled Fall in Chattanooga Area

Oct. 20th

Developer of Mold-Plagued Complex Claims Slandering Tactics

Oct. 22nd

Atlanta Community Wants Emergency Action to Remove Mold From High School

Oct. 23rd

Parents Push For More Action After Mold Outbreaks in Elementary School

Mold in Collin County Building is an Expensive Problem

Oct. 24th

Mold Detected in Chico's Fire Station 5 Could Cause Closure

Oct. 27th

Has the Mold Problem Returned to Washington High?

Oct. 28th

Woodruff Fire Department Headquarters Relocated Because of Mold

Oct. 29th

City Fights Mold in Three Spring Hill, Tennessee Fire Stations

A Year After Hurricane Sandy, Mold Lingering Problem for Buildings and Health

Oct. 30th

Parents Want Drum Point Elementary School in Brick Township Closed During Mold Cleanup

Damp Basement? How to Prevent Mold in Your Home

Oct. 31st

Trouble With Fungus: Fire Station 5 Faces Closure Due to Mold Growth in Walls