November 2013 Recorded News Stories

Mold Stories in the News

Nov. 1st

Mold Contamination Found at Another School (North Carolina)

Nov. 2nd

Cases of Mold in Capri Sun Pouches Worry Consumers, Disgusts 5-Year-Old

Test Results Show Reduction in Mold Spores at Isaac Bear Early College

Nov. 4th

Library Archives Mold Free, Reopen Date Uncertain (Biola University)

Nov. 5th

Elementary School Worries Parents In Brick Township, New Jersey

Classes Restored at Brandywine Heights Elementary After Mold Shown The Door

Nov. 6th

Student Sues UC Santa Cruz For Toxic Mold in Housing

Nov. 7th

Volunteers, Health Officials Concerned About Mold and Flood-Damaged Homes

Giant Ball of Fungus Removed From Farmers Lung

Nov. 8th

The Library Has a Mold Problem: Fixing it Will Cost a Pretty Penny

Air Quality Tests Show no Dangerous Mold Levels at Clarks Summit Elementary

Nov. 10th

Missouri's Old Prison to Reopen For Tours After Mold Renovations

Nov. 11th - IMPORTANT

Rutgers Researchers: Mold Can Cause Symptoms That Mimic Parkinson's Disease

Low Temperatures, Mold Lead to Two-Day Cancellation For Tri-City Schools

Nov. 13th

Flood Victims Concerned About Their Health Due to Mold

Mold Returns to Two Montgomery County Elementary Schools

Nov. 14th

Parents Rip Brick School District For Keeping Drum Point School Open, Despite Mold Problem

Firms Compete For Sullivan's Town Hall Construction - Old Building Infested With Mold

Nov. 15th

To Defeat Mold, Find and Deal With the Cause | EcoConsumer

Nov. 18th

Mold Appears Again at Takoma Park School as Parents' Frustrations Mount

Whistleblower 9: Concerns Continue Over Mold In Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Nov. 19th

Origins Voluntarily Recalls Face Cream After Mold Found

Mold Worsens At Newburgh Police Building

Firefighters Evacuate After Mold Found In Chattanooga Fire Station

Nov. 20th

Fairfield Woods Library Closed A Week For Mold Removal

Superstorm Sandy's Mold Issues Linger In New Jersey

Nov. 21st

Mold Problems Close Okee Schoolhouse in Lodi, Wisconsin

Nassau County, Florida Deputies Evacuate Offices Due To High Levels Of Mold

Nov. 22nd

Charlotte Mecklenburg School District Spends $194,000 To Tackle Mold In Schools This Year

Nov. 23rd

Rat Feces, Mold, Fungus At Jersey City Fish Market, City Officials Say

Open Book: Fairfield Woods Branch Library Is Reopened After Mold Cleanup

High Levels Of Mold Spores Found In Library - Grand Junction, Colorado

Nov. 24th

Fire Station Closed At Least A Month To Remove Mold - Chattanooga, Tennessee

Nov. 25th

Lawsuits: Many Front-Load Washing Machines Contain Hidden Mold

Bids Due For Fixing Mold Problem In Hope Mills Town Hall - North Carolina

Nov. 26th

$5.2 Million To Completely Restore Old Courthouse With Mold And Serious Structural Issues - Florida

Asthmatic Grandmother's Home Spoiled By Mold And Tight Quarters - Harlem, New York

Nov. 28th

Mold Prompts Mt. Pleasant's Fire Department Move - Tennessee

Nov. 30th

In Bradford County Schools, Mold Problem Apparently Larger Than Starke Elementary