January 2014 Recorded News Stories

Mold Stories in the News

Jan. 2nd

South Georgia Health Department Reopens After Mold Problem

Ridgeway Rescue Squad Hits More Road Blocks With Mold Problem (Ridgeway, Virginia)

Jan. 4th

Harrisburg Back In School Monday; Mold Work Continues

Jan. 6th

Anti-Bacteria Gorilla Glass Touchscreen Announced

Pepperell Officials Estimate $150,000 Needed To Remove Mold From Safety Complex


Mold Cleanup Gets Underway At Davenport School

Jan. 8th

Mold Is Keeping Loughman Elementary School Students Our Of Classrooms (Davenport, Florida)

Black Mold Found In Gainesville, Florida Apartments

Jan. 9th

Woman Claims Assisted Living Facility Never Properly Cleaned Mold From Mother's Apartment

Mold Abatement: McDowell Project A Necessity

Mayor Says There's No Money To Fight New London City Hall Mold

Columbus Police Department Headquarters May Have Mold Problems Following Flood (Ohio)

Jan. 10th

Families Battling Mold In Gainesville Apartment Complex (Florida)

Jan. 13th

3M Mold Count Plate Has Received Certification From AOAC

Rare Fungus Discovered In Scotland - Fungi Clavulinopsis Cinereoides

Busted Pipes Lead To Thousands Of Dollars In Repairs (Ohio)

Jan. 14th

Mold And Lead Found During Greens Farms School Water Repairs (Westport, Connecticut)

University Of Michigan's Busted Pipes Led To Mold And Water Damage

Jan. 15th

Southfield Apartment Ceiling Crumbling From Water Damage, Mold

How Wind And Dust Are Spreading A Deadly Fungal Disease

Jan. 16th

Hinsdale Middle School Closed Friday Over Mold Concerns

Jan. 19th

HMS Closed Tuesday, Wednesday For Mold Removal And Testing

Jan. 20th

Family Safety - Endurance BioBarrier's First Mold Prevention Ad

Hinsdale Middle School Holds Emergency Meeting Due To Mold

Hidden Mold In Dream Home Points To Larger Industry Concern (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Jan. 21st

Black Mold Has Families Living In Hotels While Apartment Mold Removed (Gainesville, Florida)

Jan. 22nd

Student Suing University California Santa Cruz For Moldy Housing

Bat-Killing Fungus Lurks In The Kansas City Area

Jan. 23rd

Report Shows Significant Mold Problem At Globe Academy (Dekalb County, Georgia)

New Jersey To Rebuild Decaying Trenton Central High School

FDA Warns Public On Peanuts Bearing Cancer Causing Fungus

Jan. 24th

Libraries At The University Of Missouri Lost 300,000 Volumes Because Of Mold

Space-Raised Flies Show Weakened Immunity To Fungus

Jan. 27th

Asbestos, Lead Paint, Mold Found In Building Which Houses South County Senior Center

Jan. 28th

Bedbugs, Mold, And Cockroaches Prompt West Oakland Tenants To File Complaints Against Landlord

District Looks At Options In Case Students Can't Return To Hinsdale Middle School

Jan. 29th

Throw Out Onions With Mold Spots, Spores Always Remain

NASA Sued: Mars "Jelly Doughnut" Could Be Alien Fungus

Planet Forward: How To Turn Fungus Into Fuel

Jan. 30th

Main Street Library Closes Area Due To Mold (Newport, Virginia)

Mold Found In Catoosa County Fire Station 3, Building Condemned

Jan. 31st

Delray Beach, Florida Flood Victims Fear They're Living With Mold Inside Walls