December 2013 Recorded News Stories

Mold Stories in the News

Dec. 1st

After Mold Cleanup, Bellamy Students Scheduled To Return (Willmington, North Carolina)

Dec. 2nd

Mold Remediation Project Set For Mesa County Library (Grand Junction, Colorado)

Marijuana May Be Contaminated With Mold, Mildew (West Haven, Connecticut)

Root Rot Mold Threatening Traditional Christmas Fir Trees (Bakersville, North Carolina)

Washington High In Atlanta, Georgia Gets Intense Mold Cleaning

Dec. 4th

Jackson, New Jersey Justice Complex To See Mold Testing Continue

Marijuana: Toke Up On Mold, Insects, And Manure

Dec. 5th

Free Mold Cleaning For Superstorm Sandy Homes

Charlotte, North Carolina Local Man Finds Mold, Leaks, Cat Smell In New Apartment

Dec. 6th

Idaho Knew About Mold in Yogurt At Chobani Factory Before Recall

Cape Coral, Florida Fire Station 2 Closes For Repairs Due To Mold

Dec. 8th

Mold Problem At San Diego State University: Sick Building

Dec. 9th

Video Shows Brown Shower Water And Mold In Fort Polk, Louisiana Barracks

Kanawha Shut Out Of School Building Grants In Charleston, West Virginia

Louisiana Landlord Sued Over Mold Growth In Leased Property

Dec. 10th

Climate Changes May Worsen Mold Allergies

River Strand Residents Angry After New Lennar Condos Show Mold (East Manatee, Florida)

Harlem, New York Senior Battles Lung Disease, Cancer, And Black Mold

Dec. 11th

Ohio Woman Says Mold Forces Her From Home

Woman Says Rental Home Is A House Of Horrors Due To Roof And Mold (Decatur, Georgia)

One Year After Sandy, Hospital Still Screening For Mold Related Health Problems

Dec. 12th

Sellers Need to be Careful When Preparing a Disaster-Struck Home For The Market

Mold Be Gone, "Lagunatics" Play Back On (Laguna Beach, California)

New Jersey Passed Legislation Requiring The State To Establish Mold Exposure Limits In Residential Buildings

Dec. 13th

Aging Saginaw, Michigan Jail Has Leaky Ceilings, Mold Problems, And Crowded Conditions

Ukiah Children's Library Shut Down Due To Mold (California)

Dec. 14th

Mold Is Growing Issue At Sandy-Damaged Mystic Island Homes

Dec. 16th

Mold To Be Removed From Greensboro's Emergency Shelter (North Carolina)

New York City Authority To Come Under Judicial Oversight Over Mold In Apartments

Family Is Sickened By Hidden Mold Infestation That Their Landlord Allegedly Covered Up (New Jersey)

Dec. 17th

Facing Suit, NYC Agrees To Remove Mold In Public Housing More Quickly

Dec. 18th

Hope Mills Town Hall Mold Removal To Begin (Fayetteville, North Carolina)

Air Quality From Mold Forces School District To Close For Day (Harrisburg, Oregon)

"Devastating" Fungus May Mean End Of Days For Top Banana

Dec. 20th

Rutland, Vermont School Replacing Roof Over Mold Concerns

Ann Arbor Fire Station Closed After Air Quality Tests Reveal Mold Problems (Michigan)

Mold, Not New Owners, Responsible For Unexpected Eviction (Michigan)

Dec. 21st

Firefighters Fear Goal Of Mold Remediation Is To Close Station In Chico, California

Dec. 24th

How Cheltenham Mold Problem Grew Until Closure

Dec. 26th

Insects Are Tied To Sooty Mold On Fruit And Leaves

Dec. 28th

Scraping Decades Of Grime, Car Exhaust, And Mold Off Rome's Colosseum

Historic Home Makes Comeback From "Collapsing" Walls And Mold

Dec. 29th

Meet The Killer Fungus That Turns Ants Into Zombies

Dec. 31st

Quebec Bats Being Decimated By Killer Fungus

Avocado Trees Threatened By Newly Discovered Fungus