March 2014 Recorded News Stories

Mold Stories in the News

Mar. 2nd

Northumberland, UK Rare Fungus Find is a 'Tiny Miracle'

Mar. 3rd

What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Mold and Windows

Mold Fears Lead to Courthouse Square Protest in Dayton, Ohio

Mar. 4th

Albertsons Warehouse is Cleaned of Mold After Portland, Oregon News Station Investigation

Orange County, Florida Condo Residents are Frustrated Over Mold, Exposed Wires, and High Electric Bills

Mar. 5th

Drug Thefts and Black Mold Reports Rile Hillsview Highrise Tenants (South Dakota)

Baxter International Recalls Dialysis Product Due to Mold Contamination Issues

Mar. 6th

Common Fungus is Killing Eagles in Poor Health

Mar. 7th

Stroudsburg Intermediate Elementary Will be Tested For Mold After Rumors (Pennsylvania)

Woman Living With Mold Wants Apartment Complex to Fix the Leaks (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Firefighters Forced to Evacuate Treasure Island Firehouse Due to Mold

Mar. 10th

Scientists and Researchers Prepare For Slime-Mold Race

Mar. 11th

Mold Spots Found in Delaware Valley Elementary School (Pennsylvania)

Mar. 12th

Hinsdale Middle School Mold, Water Damage Bill Soars to Nearly $2.4 Million

University of Missouri Starts Fundraising For Library Books Damaged by Mold

Mar. 13th

New Jersey Mother to Sue Son's School, Alleging Mold Made Kids Sick

West Lafayette City Hall Mold Costs $40k, and That's Just the Beginning

Mar. 14th

Alabama Parents Want Answers About Mold at Valley Head High School

Mar. 15th

Hennepin, Illinois Polling Place Moved Due to Mold

Mar. 18th

Starke Elementary Reopens After Being Closed 8 Due to Mold (Gainesville, Florida)

Mar. 19th

Despite Healthy Profits, Mold and Disrepair Plague LaGuardia Airport (New York)

Mold and Slugs Cover This Appartment Resident's Bath and Shower (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Mar. 20th

Maryland Allergist Says Cold Wet Weather Could Cause High Levels of Mold

Mar. 22nd

Des Moines, Iowa Family Says Mold is Making Them Sick

Mar. 24th

Reuters Health: Removing Mold May Reduce Risk of Adult Asthma

Montefiore Family Health Center Employees Afraid Their Respiratory Illnesses are Due to Mold Exposure

Mar. 25th

Endurance BioBarrier's New Site and Online Store:

Testing Uncover Mold in Two Caldwell Elementary Classrooms is Non-Toxic (Texas)

Mar. 26th

Tips to Avoid Springtime Mold and Allergies

Mar. 27th

Relocation Due to Mold and Mildew is Precautionary for Elementary Students in Caldwell, Texas

As Snow Melts, Snow Mold is Showing up Near Fort Wayne, Indiana

Leaks and Mold Result int $12.4 Million Award for Apartment Owners

Mar. 28th

Mold at the Boardman Firehouse In Youngstown, Ohio is a Huge Hazard

Mar. 29th

An Allergic Reaction to Mold May Have Caused Open Sores and Hair Loss

Mar. 31st

Mold and Structural Issues at Valley Head School Will be Treated This Summer (Alabama)

National Geographic: Defending Madagascar's Frogs From Invading Fungus