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Case Studies

Single Family Home

Three images from a house with serious mold problems before Endurance BioBarrier removed mold.

"After treating with EBB for visible mold on a leaky roof, an environmental company was brought in to test the air quality..."

The air inside the building is supposed to have the same concentrations of spores etc. as the outdoor air. The testing came back to show spore concentrations of up to... 10x lower than that of the outdoor air.

picture showing the different air quality inside and outside.

"I was excited about the results..."

My client was thrilled because he was able to provide his tenants with peace of mind. I will be using EBB and recommending it to all my clients as a proactive measure."- Bart Wyatt, General Contractor Lic# 81289357


National Cinema Chain


After finding mold at a major national cinema chain location, Endurance Bio Barrier was used to eradicate the problem.


Petri dish with mold spores from the movie theater before Endurance BioBarrier application.


Petri dish from the movie theater after Endurance BioBarrier application with no mold spores.

The second test results showed that Endurance BioBarrier had prevented the return of mold growth in all the locations which previously suffered from mold infestations.


National Insurance Agent

Image of tiles with mold before and after Endurance BioBarrier.

"My company saves a lot of money every time a local-area contractor performs mold abatement work using Endurance Bio Barrier rather than using the large national vendors."

"After using it on my own home, I recommend it to all of my clients"- Tom Waddell, Independent agent for national insurance chain.